Contest Rules and Guidelines:

All videos:
  1. Needs to have a title.
  2. Prefer to be as close to 60 seconds long as you can make it.
  3. Must be a video file.
  4. Must be saved to w:\MarketingDropBox\2015 HLC Video Contest by 5:00pm on Friday, February 27th.


Watch all the videos and “like” as many as you want. The top 10 “liked” videos will be awarded prizes. Voting will close on Wednesday, March 25th at 5:00pm. Winners will be announced Monday, March 30th.


Prizes will be awarded as follows:
  • Top Video will get a delicious sit-down lunch with President and Cabinet at the Artichoke Grill
  • Top 5 videos will get a sub style lunch delivered by the President and Cabinet
  • Top 10 videos will get an array of delicious desserts delivered by the President and Cabinet
Submission Deadline: February 27th at 5:00pm Voting Deadline: March 25th at 5:00pm